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Welcome to Wilderness Lake Ranch


Implementation of an algae treatment plan, dust abatement on the berm and long range goals for lake improvement help us to look forward to a great summer recreation season. 

We are excited to have a place for announcing events, meeting for scheduled chats, or posting information to the forum to assist home and property owners with conducting WLR business. 

Slowly more information is being added to this site.  Some of the information is just for owners -- such as, covenants, association meeting minutes, and documents.  Check out the Submission form for any changes to your property; it is important that approval be obtained prior to doing the work.  This has simplified some of the security maintenance issues and takes care of public disclosure.  Nearly two-thirds of the property owner's have registered and are using the site.  We need to see more of your opinions in the forum's though!  Visitors will still be able to see some of the information that generally applies to wilderness activities, too.

As is the case with visits to High Valley, with this web site we hope to have a relaxed, rejuvenating experience.  Much of what occurs here will be learn as you go.  Working together, we trust in our ability to make this web site beneficial to all.  Thanks to those who have offered suggestions to improve this site.  The gallery section is easier to navigate, but we need to add more photos.  Please submit any candidates to the site administrator.  You can subscribe to have posts to the weather and event information sent to your e-mail addresses for those interested.

To get started, you will need to register on the site to gain access to the forum and chat page.  This will allow you to actively participate in listing a property, starting a question and answer discussion on property improvement, or commenting on features you would like to see on the web page, as examples.  When you register, the site will send an e-mail to the administrator who will add you to the owner group if you are so identified.  If you don't see owner type information and feel you should, send an e-mail saying "I'm an owner" to

So, go ahead and get registered.  If you have any problems, well, hang tough!  We haven't added the help links yet but they are on the list.

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